Blades of Glory

Alrighty, I saw Blades of Glory with Will Ferrel and Jon Heder, and it instantly became my new favorite movie. I'm going again. If you like either Will Ferrel or Jon Heder, GO SEE IT! The paor are fantastic together. The humor was directed more towards adults, so younger children may not understand the more sexual of the jokes. I know my little brother didn't. But def go see it.

I loved this movie so much that I had to do some stuff on it. 

13 - Blades of Glory icons
1 - Blades of Glory sig


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.new stuff

[1-5]kristen bell - textures by wonton_graphics [on lj]
[6-10]pride & prejudice
[11-15]doctor who

[1]pride & prejudice - texture by iconicflurry [on lj]

[1]kristen bell - texture by sanami276 [on lj] 

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An Animation

I've been rewatching Doctor Who on DVD for the past couple of days and I've decided to make some animations. This is only the first one I've done so far, and I know that technically, it's not Rose who is kissing the Doctor, but I just couldn't resist. =]

Comments are love. Tell me what you think! :D

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Here's part one of the old stuff I was talking about. If you see any of this stuff online I did make it. It just makes me feel better to know that I've finally posted this stuff. Some of it is just colorings and stamps but people have been taking credit for them and I'm sick of it.

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